Cat Roller Relaxer

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Once you’ve reached optimal cat lady status, there comes a time in your life where you think it’s necessary to start massaging your cat’s face. Luckily, someone has already created a cat face massager, and it is most likely the most specific niche product you could think of.
How it works is, the device has a couple of rollers on each side of two prongs, and you simply place your cats face in between the prongs and roll it up and down.
If your cat didn’t love you before, rest assured they’ll love you now ! They’ll be so thankful for the face massage that they might even ignore you for less time throughout the day, and if you’re really lucky, your cat may even acknowledge your existence.

✓ Made from soft, safe and durable material.
✓ Handle stretches to fit any size cat.
✓ Use on your other furry friends – dogs love it too